Store Keeper​

We are looking for an organised and detail-oriented Store Keeper to manage all of the operations in our storeroom. In this position, you will play a key role in the proper care and maintenance of our stock, including ordering, receiving, and managing inventory. The ideal candidate should be thorough in ensuring orders are properly fulfilled, committed to working safely and coordinating with the team in order to ensure that orders are properly assembled and prepared for the daily deliveries.


  • Receive, unload, and shelve supplies
  • Inspect deliveries for damage or discrepancies; report those to account for reimbursements and record-keeping
  • Maintain receipts, records, and withdrawals of the stockroom
  • Perform other stock-related duties, including returning, packing, pricing, and labelling supplies
  • Rotate stock and coordinate the disposal of surpluses
  • Ensure adequate record keeping and manage all documentation to confirm proper stock levels and maintain inventory control
  • Coordinate the handling of freight, the movement of equipment, and necessary minor repairs


  • Knowledge of proper bookkeeping and inventory management
  • Familiarity with standard concepts and best practices in a stockroom or warehouse environment
  • Analytical mind with the ability to make accurate mathematical computations
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Computer literate familiar in data entry, analysis, and management
  • Keen attention to detail and ability to effectively manage time
  • Ability to operate a forklift safely and legally
  • Physical ability to frequently lift and carry materials weighing from 10kg to 20kgs
  • Minimum O’Level standard education
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in storekeeping, inventory control, or record keeping
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Clean Police Conduct

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