Our Spirit

Our distinctive character has been moulded by passionate people who have positively contributed to the organisations’ growth and development. Quality is the unifying value across our diverse business, along with our tireless effort to innovate and raise the bar on our day-to-day operations and vision for the future. The founding values of perseverance, patience, and resilience are embodied by each member of the VF Group family until today: we are on this journey for the long term. We attract like-minded strategic business partners, international brands and a human resource which continues to work together towards greater excellence.


Our mission is to offer the finest products and experiences through a steadfast commitment to quality, design and good taste. We use business to make a difference within our communities


We will achieve this through a constant quest for excellence to set us on a path of continuous evolution. Like our key stakeholders we are fascinated by design and utilise it as a primary vehicle to innovate and grow


  • To continue to empower our people through development, training and systems
  • To disrupt and innovate by developing products and services which lead in design, concept and experience
  • To become a Zero Waste Company as well as to achieve Carbon Neutrality through projects related to solar energy, paper recycling, digitalisation systems and water filtration