Farrugia Textiles provides made-to-measure tailoring services through a 2000m2 production plant, complete with dedicated machinery and a workforce that focusses on high quality business wear and solutions for specialist markets.  Its trading arm, BTI, in turn supplies and brands working apparel and products for a broad range of industries, including catering, schools, hospitality, and corporate environments.

BTI has accrued over twenty-five years’ experience in elevating on-the-job performance through clothes. We understand the demands of each possible scenario and promise the highest level of bespoke solutions; from quick-dry maritime gear to protective wear, sharply tailored suits and beyond. Apart from the made-to-measure tailoring offered at our manufacturing plant, we also provide representation for global brands such as Siggi, Roly, Korntex, T-Shirt Europe, Dickies, Exena, Dennys, Greiff, Norvil, G&C, Fruit of The Loom and Floating Lifestyle to name a few. BTI also operates the largest number of retail locations in Malta, with stores in Gozo, Mosta and Kordin.



Corporate image is key to the success of any business, and BTI possesses a demonstrable history in elevating brand performance and team engagement through expertly designed uniforms. Apart from the primary functional benefits, uniforms serve to build a community in the workplace and humanise a brand in the eyes of its audience.


We provide unrivalled brand support through in-depth market knowledge and the technology to make it yours. Personalise everything from uniforms to bathrobes, cushions and t-shirts using our state-of-the art heat transfer equipment and embroidery machines.

Find out more: bti.com.mt