Malta, October 2019

VF Group and SARTO are thrilled to announce the launch of its first fragrance, SARTO Eau de Parfum, another milestone for the fashion house. This new scent for women is the first product developed by SARTO, and the first in a series of fragrances to be launched under the SARTO namesake. SARTO EDP is a limited-edition scent which retails at EUR100 and is available exclusively at SARTO, Ross Street StJulians Malta and via

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Discover Beauty, Create Beauty

Conceived by Sarto’s Creative Director & Founder Michelle Farrugia in collaboration with a team of expert perfumers, the SARTO Eau de Parfum was developed in Italy and is the result of a meticulous two-year research process:

“Our signature Eau de Parfumis dedicated to women everywhere. The essence of empowerment is at the heart of what we do: we seek to inspire self-expression and confidence. A woman today takes on many roles,  meaning she recreates herself time and time again:  from doting mother and dedicated career woman to homemaker and lover.  This sense of discovery the creating of beauty is central to our message. This fragrance represents just that along with her passion, her spirit, her love, her sensuality . We worked tirelessly with a team with the dedication and devotion to compose the perfect blend of notes to tell her story.”

The Scent

This extraordinary signature scent pays homage to the SARTO woman’s Mediterranean way of life and her innate appreciation for great beauty. A scent which is both striking and delicate, elegant yet understated, confident and sensual, perfect for both night and day. the fragrance opens with a burst of femininity which intoxicates the senses, through its blend of Jasmine, Orange Blossom and Bulgarian Rose. At its heart lies a fusion of skin musk, tonka beans and tuberose which deliver the clean and nostalgic aroma of vintage talcum powder. Its distinguished depth lies in a base of patchouli, vetiver and cedar wood.

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More than made, she is created

The tagline ‘More Than Made, She Is Created’  is inspired by the essence of the SARTO woman, and the idea that she recreates herself time and time again. Similarly the SARTO EDP is the fruit of a long and detailed creative process.  ‘More than made, she is created’ has an air of defiance to it. It evokes a sense of refinement. The campaign was shot on location in the sumptuous Casa Ellul in Valletta.

Design Concept

This sleek square glass bottle is inspired by the distinctive architecture of SARTO and is embellished with a golden logo and golden accents. The fragrance is housed in a rich luxury packaging which is minimalist in its design, featuring the fashion house’s signature pattern.

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